Who We Are

Hall-Erickson is comprised of a team of professionals with a focus on knowledge and expertise in developing new ideas, programs, and procedures. The result is considerable insight and depth of resources available to each client in the management and production of their event. Our executive management team of Pete Erickson, Paul Graller, and Mike Weil share their extensive knowledge and expertise in developing new ideas, programs, and procedures for each of our clients.

Pete Erickson, President

Pete Erickson has overseen the steady growth of Hall-Erickson for the last 30 years, focusing that growth on industry leading associations and publications that see Hall-Erickson's contribution as an integral part of the event success. His focus on understanding the goals of our clients first, and then designing a program of services to those clients as an "extension of staff," has resulted in a consistent record of success for the events we manage. Pete's desire to build a culture of empowerment, where each employee believes that their individual contribution is critical to our clients' success - and the success of Hall-Erickson - has allowed Hall-Erickson to attract some of the top talent in the industry.

Paul Graller, Vice President

Paul Graller is one of the few top-level industry managers with experience managing a convention center, general contractor, non-profit association and private trade show and conference organization. This multi-faceted background gives Paul the ability to develop action plans for events that integrate all viewpoints to achieve specific goals. While at Hall-Erickson, he has managed a number of top shows and conferences, bringing his broad understanding the budgetary differences and allocation of resources that must be balanced in both the for profit and non-profit markets.

Mike Weil, Vice President

Mike Weil oversees our client’s success and it is his job to see that Hall-Erickson quickly transforms any client challenge into a problem solved. His extensive background allows him to help clients make the most impact with limited budgets to enhance the organizations image and value to members. He has managed events from show launches to top trade shows. He is driven by his desire for long-term client success and works to consistently deliver customized strategic solutions to drive growth.