Exhibition Management

We combine an experienced staff and a communication plan, so that we may ensure a smooth and efficient experience for exhibitors, sponsors, attendees and our clients. Hall-Erickson staff will work with selected contractors, and the facility, to ensure open and effective communication channels. We deliver a high-quality experience in a professional environment.

Key Functions

  • Prepare draft budget and marketing plan
  • Manage RFP process and selection of official contractors
  • Coordination of exhibit floor plan to maximize sales, exhibitor satisfaction and traffic flow
  • Oversee and monitor Exhibitor Appointed Contractors (EAC) and request/review their certificates of insurance
  • Implement research plan
  • Provide accurate and current exhibitor information for web site promotion and for the final printed program
  • Coordinate content for official website
  • Manage registration and housing contractors to implement advance and on-site process
  • Collect all exhibits, sponsorship and advertising revenue and send a statement of income and expenses to the sponsors as needed
  • Select and contract with a security firm, prepare schedules and security plan
  • Coordinate the placement of orders for show management services from official contractors including decorating, signage, electrical, telephone, Internet, security, computer, photography, furniture, etc.
  • Coordination of leased space and schedules with facility
  • Management of the operation of all official contractors
  • Management of the event offices, including: exhibition, conference, media and registration offices
  • Management of room sets, audio visual requirements, and food and beverage needs
  • Management of speaker logistics
  • Management of event communication program, including: Show Daily, Exhibitor Newsletters
  • Manage the exhibit space selection meeting
  • Complete management of the exhibit floor