Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales

At Hall-Erickson we focus on a professional customer-oriented selling process. It begins with prospecting so we may determine the qualified leads as we focus on asking the right questions to assess the prospects best fit into the event from those in the industry.  Based on the responses to our inquiries we will understand the best strategy to develop a presentation to ignite their interest and create a desire to exhibit in the Exposition and become an important sponsor. Our sales people are aware of the best way to overcome objections, respond respectively in order to gain a commitment of the prospect to participate in the event.

Key Functions

  • Grasp the current market conditions.
  • Uncover needs, opportunities, and challenges to overcome in the industry.
  • Work with the demographic information obtained from the market research
  • Launch the exhibit sales and sponsorship campaign
  • Create a series of promotional materials that clearly and effectively communicates the strength of the event to the suppliers involved in the marketplace.
  • Educate prospects on the benefits of exhibiting and sponsoring and how to do it so they receive the highest return on investment.