Attendee Marketing

Marketing strategies are developed and will be the basis for the marketing plans which are designed to attract high-quality attendees. Plans and objectives are tested for measurable results throughout the entire process. At Hall-Erickson we know it’s important to look beyond the next event and think about multi-year strategies, with a tactical plan detailing specific actions to be accomplished in the current year. We scan the current environment and employ the latest communications utilizing a diverse strategy of the latest tools to build the audience and increase exhibitor satisfaction.

Key Functions

  • Develop attendance promotion program, budget and timeline
  • Development of the marketing message to be carried throughout all promotional materials
  • Development of on-the-floor traffic building activities
  • Determine ad placement schedules
  • Coordinate trade out program
  • Coordination of mailing list building activities including solicitation of exhibit databases and merge/purge master list
  • Coordination of attendance promotion materials for direct mail, advertising and electronic and social media
  • Management of all attendee registration materials including Planning Guide, confirmations and email communications